Music of The World Heritage


(photo: Thing comparison between Nisebrand goods and genuine brand
goods exhibited in NARITA International Airport)

Author (BUN) has the copyright of music, the photograph introduces on the site here, and other books. Writing songs, the composition, the arrangement, and the performance are BUN. And, the photograph used on this site is the one (the inclusion also of the one that comes out by animation, the carrying of BUN of all cameras to the locale, and taking with my machine parts). Moreover, it neatly buys in a regular package, and the one to have obtained permission of the site opening to the public is used though a part of image data etc. are used.
The music etc. of the site here are completely ..caring... privately enjoy and get itIt uses it for the book like use and the printed matter etc. to one (business use) to take the value and my site, and however, please report and consult about the one to exceed the individual use beforehand. If it is a useful one (for instance, study activity etc.) for the world, I want to permit free of charge. I think that it can E-mail readily.


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