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If he saw at the general people, the author became adult enough. There is a family, is work, and usual life is done tentatively. Commonsensibly, it was adult that had to separate from the childhood and the school days when the dream of being about to burst had been held, and it would think about the design in the future, I worried about the family, and it became a natural age.
However, I still think, "I do not want to lose child's mind". It is thought, "I want to have a pure, straight mind indefinitely" to be precise. It is chased, and to the utmost in daily life in putting things in order. the problem in the presence in work live about every day sayIt is an honest place without the leave that breathes and attaches because it is as if without holiday for the convenience of work either either. "Dream", "Hope", and "Purity" are quite powerless for the miscellaneous duties of every day.
However, it is a mind that doesn't still pretend "I do not want to be thrown to the mind in daily life". The mind by which it impresses it feels me who has weakened, and it is also true to hear it. "It is this and ..will goodness.." the voice always somewhereIt began to write the tune ardently wanting leave the mind therefore. Because music was not a specialty, the book and the score were the purchase rolling up, were read, were rolled up, and analyzed though were I who did not know the composition method at all. It came to be able to play the one that seemed to be the tune little by little when a cheap keyboard was bought and it touched though the keyboard was not able to be played very much. And, I will introduce part that writes little by little here.

It asks a big favor surroundings, and I will sometimes put it out besides the sea though I am Watashi without Hima and money either. Scenery, people different from always, different currency, different language, different food, different plant, and different car ・・・・. It will entirely apply in such non-daily life, and I will wash the mind. ticket..have..hotel..reserve..independent tour..every time..trouble..frequent the help of..manage..solve..happy..every day.The purpose is "World Heritage. "It is assumed to be a lifework to search for myself, and to examine wonderful of that.

It is this site the Coraborat of such music and World Heritage. Please associate when it is good though it is not the wonderful one.
English pages.. there even if you find an error so often. It is what written without thinking about anything, and, after all, the author has pride in finding a lot of mistakes because he or she is not wise by very ordinary man (Moreover, science course). Tentatively, reluctantly because it was complained to foreigner's friend, "We do not understand in Japanese sites" .
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