Music of The World Heritage

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World Heritage site name
Rapa Nui National Park(Easter island)
Country Republic of chile
Name of a music one's story
File format MP3     bitrate 128kbps
Time 5min 2sec
Tempo slow
musical instrument Strings.piano.orchstra set

Outline of world
heritage site

Isolated island of exceeding sea from 3800km and Tahiti from which it floats on the South Pacific of 4000km and Easter island from Chile. There are neither a butterfly nor a snake because it has been completely isolated from other ecosystems. The name at Easter is a name applied by Dutch, and people on the island call, "Rapanui". There was not wonderful industry now and either native people assumed to have extended from Polynesia for 4?5 century lived before by about 20,000 people though it was a small island where about 3000 people lived in detail, a peculiar word, a peculiar culture, and a peculiar god were believed in, and it lived. It is a huge statue that made this island famous that is called moai. This moai said that 1000 are in the island has continued to be made about 800 years more constantly. It had an original religion and the culture that worshiped the Makemake god, and there was a character named Cohau Rongo Rongo, too. However, the forest disappears, food decreases, the fight between tribes happens, and the moai knocking down war named Frimoai has happened, too. Moreover, it is discovered by the European afterwards, ruins and the native of the island are plundered, the population begins to decrease, smallpox is brought in from the continent in addition, and an original character and the god have been lost by Christianizing. It annexes it to Chile afterwards. 1/3 of the islands is specified for a national park for ruins and nature conservation now.

of composition

"The person has the person's life respectively" I think natural such to be strong. What kind arrives about this Easter island repeating terrible prosperity and the decline now. Therefore, it has inadvertently thought the moai that seems to be built peacefully for be a deep desire might not exist. A piano backing pattern was devised. What . though I am favorite movement.

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