Music of The World Heritage

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World Heritage site name
Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
Country Republic of Peru
Name of a music leaving from the nest
File format MP3     bitrate 128kbps
Time 5min 1sec
Tempo slow
musical instrument violin.Strings.piano.orchstra set

Outline of world
heritage site

Machu Picchu by which it exactly impresses it by not becoming word. It is beautiful, and it shakes from the bottom of one's hearts to the fact of having set it up in this place, and the desire of the coming up emotion has filled the chest cannot mean indescribable by the entire ruins. The space of the city in the air where suitably, and indescribable is mysterious has exactly extended there as for what. Here in seeing from the under, and the height is rare ..the polish of stone construction.., and fully equipped with the field for farm products however ..not seeing at all.. exactly cannot think it is an actual city. I felt actual Machu Picchu in a calm, gentle place though the nature like a bloody place was done when thinking about a past history. First of all ..a variety of ideas in the head.., we will still recommend going. The value only of the street of the serious distance thinks that it is absolutely though not being possible to go easily so is an agreement repeatedly. It is not such the one old because it is the one in Japan from the Muromachi age to Warring States Period in the 15th century when the Inca Empire was prosperous as for middle. It is the one with the pyramid when saying from historical value because Egypt etc. are exactly stories at B.C. seem. However, when this Machu Picchu and the pyramid in Egypt are compared, the value that Machu Picchu still sees does even the nature that is positively. I think that there is something that attracts the person in this ruins too much.

of composition

When starting on a journey, all people become uneasy. When here Peru was visited, it was only really uneasiness. Moreover, it was possible to arrive at here safely by the support's of people met there, too though the important one was lost on the way of travel and it shocked very much. In this tune, it wanted to do such an appearance to the tune and "The person had the great hope and uneasiness and advanced in a dignified manner at a big turning point of the life" was lacked.

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